Sunday, November 1, 2009

Private Sales on denim...

I've been following the private sales on the web now for a couple of months.  I have yet to actually make a purchase at one of them.  Thus far, I've actually been disappointed and discouraged at the finds I've made on them.  I would not think a 10" rise would flatter me, for one thing.  I do think that many of the prices on the Private Sales are very good, but others just don't seem to be marked down that much to me.  I could go to clearance at Nordstrom and find something I am certain to like for some of the prices I've seen.  I guess I'm just a bit frustrated and really hoping that soon my luck will turn around on them.  I know there's a Denim Brands sale on Secret Sales right now, but I didn't have much luck with it yesterday.  Also there's a J Brand sale on Gilt Groupe that is currently going on and, again, I didn't have any luck.  I need to go check out the James Jeans sale on Beyond the Rack, but I've been hesitant as this is a brand I'm not super familiar with, nor have read reviews on.  Gilt Groupe will be featuring Paige Premium Denim starting tomorrow.  I have never bought any Paige jeans, but they seem to be a very popular line.  Maybe I'll grab me a find with them.  MiH and True Religion are supposed to have sales on Secret Sales later in the week.  I just nabbed up 2 NWT True Religion Joey jeans on Ebay in the past 2 days for a STEAL so I'm excited to go see the True Religion private sale and see if there's more to be found.  I'll be sure to write more on this subject when I have more to say on it.  I think the Private Sales really are a wonderful concept, just hoping I'll be able to find something to buy soon!