Saturday, October 31, 2009

MEK Denim in Zanzibar

I never really read very many fashion bloggers write about MEK denim.  I, personally, LOVE the MEK line of jeans.  They are so comfortable, for starters, and then the style and the pockets on them just make the jeans!  I have this one pair of the MEK jeans in Zanzibar wash (It is one of my 4 pairs of MEKs).  They fit similar to the Big Star Vintage Miki jeans.  They do have stretch in the denim, but not to the point that they are "saggy" at the end of the day~ They retain the shape and fit to your body very well.  One feature I love the most on this particular wash is the use of red contrasting thread.  (Red IS my favorite color!! =D )  I highly recommend that more people out there should give the MEK denim jeans a try!  I got mine at Buckle, but I've seen them in many online boutiques, as well as Nordstrom.