Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Curvy girls CAN wear skinny jeans (and rock them)!

I spent a good deal of time hiding from skinny and straight leg jeans after they became the "it" jeans.  In fact, I didn't buy my first pair until January 2009 and I got those on clearance at American Eagle.  They were a dark wash Skinny 77 jean that I got for 19.99 plus tax.  I have a friend who is significantly heavier than I am and she talked about skinny jeans and how they are her favorites.  I was always saying "omigosh, I'd never wear those!".  I have large, muscular thighs and calves, as I played sports for years, plus I've had 2 kids.  I might wear a size 4-8 (depending on the brand) or breaking it down in designer sizes, which I wear more now, anywhere from a 27-30, depending the cut/brand.  (I have curves and I am proud of those curves hehe.)  I didn't think I could pull off the skinny jeans and boots look, but lo and behold... I can!  Not only do I pull off skinny jeans and boots, I wear skinny jeans and ballet flats, I wear skinny jeans and heels, I even wear skinny jeans with leg warmers and heels! Oh, and I totally rock the skinny jeans!  I look GREAT in them, if I say so myself. Now I'm here to offer up some of my skinny jeans/straight leg jeans suggestions to the curvy girls out there =)

  • Big Star Maddie Skinny Jeans
  • Big Star Casey K Skinny Jeans
  • Big Star Vintage Nico Skinny Jeans *Have become my favorite skinnies/I think I bought every wash!*
  • BKE Kate Skinny Jeans
  • BKE Madison Skinny Jeans
  • Hudson Stella Straight Jeans *More like a skinny jean with a 14" opening*
  • Rock Revival Patti Straight Jeans
  • Rock Revival Debbie Straight Jeans
  • Rock Revival Tori Straight Jeans
  • 1921 Carly Straight Leg Jeans
  • 1921 Joni Straight Leg Jeans
  • 1921 Chrissie Skinny Jeans *1921 are a top 3 favorite brand/flattering with a great rise*
  • MEK Edinburgh Straight Jeans
  • MEK Mazatlan Skinny Jeans
  • Lucky Brand Lola Skinny Jeans
  • Antique Rivet Mellisa Straight Jeans
  • True Religion Billy Relic-Ridin Dirty Dark
  • True Religion Billy Silver Rainbow-Body Rinse
  • Joe's Jeans Ex-Lover Skinny Jeans *Boyfriend fit*
  • Joe's Jeans Honey Skinny Jeans
  • 7 For All Mankind Roxanne Skinny Jeans
  • 7 For All Mankind Gwenevere "Gummy" Skinny Jeans
  • William Rast Rachel Skinny Jeans
  • William Rast Savoy Skinny Jeans
  • Silver Pixie Stretch Legging Jean *Distressed, medium wash and mid-rise*
  • Aeropostale Bayla Skinny Jeans *Great jeans, great price, almost always on sale*
  • American Eagle Skinny Jeans
  • American Eagle Straight Jeans
I know that I have found some that just don't fit me well because I have larger calves and also some that are just too low-rise for my liking, but others might really like them.  I am only listing ones that I have found that I really like and that work for me and my figure.