Sunday, November 1, 2009

PPD sale on Gilt = FAIL

The Paige Premium Denim sale just started on Gilt 7 mins ago (Central time).  I can already come right out and tell you that it was epic FAIL.  They only have 3 different washes in the Laurel Canyon style and 2 washes in the Hollywood Hills style, and all of them are gone in my size (28 or 29).  UGH!  I did look at the Manning flare leg jeans, but I didn't really like them enough to pay $78 for them.

...  I guess onto the True Religion and MiH jeans sales later in the week and hopefully I'll come out on top with those!  *Sigh*  I always seem to strike out when it comes to the Private Sales, but I come up a winner every time on Ebay.  Go fig!