Friday, November 6, 2009

True Religion Sale on Secret Sales = FAIL

So, I went to the TR Private Sale on Secret Sales (a UK website that I am a member of) and of course, FAIL.  I went there specifically for a pair of Becky jeans and that, of course, would be the first thing that sells out.  Well, back to Ebay, I suppose.  I seem to have better luck when it comes to that site anyhow.  Right now, I'm in the bidding for a pair of Big Star Maddie jeans and Forever 21 jacket (bidding as a set).  I guess now I will go on the lookout for a pair of Becky jeans for Christmas.

On another note, Buckle has renamed Black Friday to "Green Friday".  I've got a Get Fitted appointment for 7 AM on the 27th.  Works out fine for me since we were going to be at the mall anyways buying tools at Sears for the husband.  Gotta love buying things that I know NOTHING about haha.  At Buckle, though, I want to buy a bottle of Christian Audigier perfume.  I smelled it last night when I was there getting a new Sinful shirt and it was just amazing.  I think I might actually like it better than my Ed Hardy perfume and that's saying a LOT.  I'm sure I'll have a lot to write about after I hit the stores on Black Friday =D