Friday, November 6, 2009

Review: Sinful and Affliction shirts

There is nothing I am better suited to review at this point in time haha.  Since about February 2009, I have not worn much else other than Sinful or Affliction shirts.  I absolutely LOVE them.  I love the quality...  I love the designs...  I think the price is very reasonable in comparison with my other lines of clothing...  I could really just go on and on!  It all ties into my "rocker girl" image I guess I give off to my friends LoL.

There are only 2 other brands I even buy in somewhat of a close 2nd to either Sinful or Affliction and that is Remetee (a spinoff from Sinful and Affliction) and Crash & Burn (LOVE them!!!). 

I admit, I have a tshirt collection that will knock the socks off of most people.  I can wear a tshirt every day for at least 2 mos and still not run out.  I highly suggest anyone out there should try Sinful or Affliction for Women.  They come in sizes up to XL.  You should also try Remetee, Crash & Burn, and even Rebel Spirit (who makes a GREAT shirt!).  They also come in sizes up to XL.  They are all a slim fitting shirt, with stretch, and great for layering.

Check out the links for the Affiction store and Buckle on the right side of my page and that will give you a great firsthand look at these great shirts!