Saturday, November 14, 2009

"Embrace Thy Curves!"

Well, aside from the old-fashioned title of this blog, it does have some seriousness to it.  I'm finally starting to getting better and better at accepting and embracing the fact that I am a slender, yet curvy woman.  I am not fat.  I am not skinny.  I will never be a twig.  I will always have curves.  I have boobs, I have hips, I have an ass.  I am not meant to look like a 12 year old prepububescent child.  This is not meant to offend those who are naturally just really thin, but I am just not built like that.  I have to just finally accept that and quit trying to get my body there with drastric measures.  I think having multiple doctors drilling it in my head this week is making it sink in.

And then today I got an ego boost along with it all~ I have always scoffed at the Big Star Vintage Nico Skinny Jeans (they are the slimmest fitting skinny jeans at the store) and all the ones I've ever tried on have not fit over my calves.  I have very large "dancers" calves, which I earned quite honestly.  Today, I was at Buckle and I was walking around with my associate/friend, Natalie, and she was trying her hardest to try to get me into the newest pair they got in of the Nico's.  They really WERE adorable so I decided to humor her and grabbed them off the shelf.  I couldn't believe it when I came out of that dressing room and I was practically dancing in front of that mirror in those jeans!  I seriously couldn't pay for them fast enough!!  What a victory for my ego, let me tell you!

So yes, I do think I'm on the way to embracing the curves once and for all.  I have been hanging out with a friend who has gotten thinner with the WLS than I have and you know, I don't feel an ounce of jealousy.  I feel happy with the way I look in my clothes and happy for her for how well she did =).  Now I want to take her shopping and get her some new clothes for her new body!

Life is looking up!