Sunday, November 22, 2009

Ahhh, the pursuit of BOOTS!

Yep, I am in pursuits of boots.  Yes, I have boots, but I need more boots.  I do not know what kind of boots that I want, nor do I even know what color I want.  I know I need chocolate suede boots, black suede boots, more black leather boots, and tan leather boots.  Right now, I am in pursuit of 1 pair of boots, but with a good deal, 2 pairs of boots =). 

So far, I've been scouring Nordstrom online (considering I'm just over 3 hours away from Nordstrom.. Bah-humbug!!) and also  I've also just started to check out and, wow do they have SOME KIND OF SELECTION!  You just have to look hard sometimes to find your size and it can be kind of limited.  I'm also browsing around on and they have some cute boots, as well.  Shoes are one of those things I DO hesitate to buy on eBay at this point in time.  I also plan on checking out Famous Footwear, Shoe Dept., Payless, and, of course, BUCKLE (where I've gotten 2 pairs of boots already) when I'm at the Black Friday sales. 

I also don't know if I want booties or if I want a knee boot?  I am so open for all suggestions/opinions/ideas in my comment box!  I need all the ideas I can get to go along with my own on this!  I get really indecisive on shoes~ Basically, I want to bring home the whole store hehe.  My husband says I have too many shoes, but I say that a girl can NEVER have too many =).

Send forth those ideas, y'all!