Monday, November 9, 2009

Just putting things into perspective ...

So I guess you could say I'm, at the least, a borderline shopaholic.  At the very least, you could call me a fashionista.  I am always, always, ALWAYS up-to-date on my styles.  Thing is, being a size 6 (size 6 being the size that I wear most often), I can shop anywhere I want.  The sky is absolutely the limit for me and there's not much that I can't wear and don't look good in (and I am not trying to be conceited).  However, when I was a size 24/26W, it was a TOTALLY different ball game for me.

For example, when I was a plus size...  I couldn't just buy out of any ol' store I wanted to.  Wal Mart had the WORST selection of plus size clothes, I remember that all too well.  I remember shopping at Lane Bryant, JCPenney's Plus section, Roamans and Catherines online, Avenue, Cato (the Plus side of the store), even JCPenney's Maternity section (and I DEFINITELY was not pregnant) trying to find clothes that would even somewhat flatter me.  Bra and panty shopping was absolutely the WORST!!  Well, I say they were the worst, but I think jeans shopping might have been a tie with them.  It was so hard to find cute denim when you're a size 24W/26W.  Actually, it was damn nearly impossible.  Then I had the surgery that turned my life around in August of 2004.  It still took me a little while to turn things around with my style.  After being big for sooo many years, I honestly had no idea how to dress at all.  I think I looked like a joke, to say the least, when I look back on the few pictures that I allowed to be taken of myself when I was at my peak weight.  I think I finally started to get the style thing down by about July of 2005 (right before I was 1 year post-op), but I still was not spending much money on my look so the quality wasn't there.  I guess about March of 2008, the quality started getting there and then it reached it's peak in February 2009.  Now I'm tweaking my look and experimenting with new things all the time.  It's soooo worth it!

I did this combined blog on WLS/style to show that, yes, I was limited by my weight before.  I have noticed, however, that since have my WLS, that more designers have opened up options for plus-size ladies and there are more and more stylish clothes out there for the plus-size ladies.  I do wish I'd had those options myself, though I know it would not have kept me from having my WLS.  I did for my health, first and foremost.  The side effect of being able to feel better about my looks is just a great runner up to the benefit of having my health and energy back.