Thursday, November 19, 2009

Another Private Sale gone down in FAIL...

Well, I can honestly say I was pretty excited about the Joes Jeans sale on Beyond the Rack UNTIL it opened today at 10AM...

It really wasn't marked down as much as I'd hoped it would be (and truthfully, I should have known it wouldn't be).  I'd find better deals on eBay or even the clearance racks at Nordstrom or some of my favorite online boutiques.  I'm still just really happy I finally scored a deal with my AG Jeans earlier this week and I'm sure I'll get another pair of Joes soon enough.

Beyond the Rack (SO FAR) has turned out to be my least favorite of the Private Sale sites to shop at, as they seem to not have as good of deals as many of the other sites.  Do any of y'all share my sentiment on that one??  I just love Gilt Groupe/Gilt Fuse!