Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The big return of the colored denim?

I remember colored denim well when I was a kid/teenager (and I'm aware that this shows my age).  I owned a lot of it, as a matter of fact.  I have seen some colored denim in recent days (i.e. the last year or 2), but I only noticed them at Hot Topic and Torrid on the Tripp NYC jeans.  However, judging by this latest True Religion ad that I received in my email yesterday, colored denim is looking as though it's about to make it's comeback in a big way.  The ad featured Red, Purple, and Royal Blue women's jeans prominently and was titled "Color Your Spring".

My 2 cents on the whole thing is this...  I'm not sure this is a trend I'll partake in for a 2nd time.  Sure, I have silvery-grey jeans and black jeans, along with my blues, but I am 99% sure I won't fork out the $$ for the colored True Religions.  Any thoughts on this one from my readers??  They are nice in pictures, but I've seen it come and go before.

~ R