Wednesday, April 14, 2010

HALT! Stay away from the sales, Renae!

So, GRRR!  I hate when there are amazing sales going on and I'm in the middle of moving so I can't spare the $$.  I got my last pair of jeans last night that I'm getting for a few weeks, at least.  I got a great pair of J Brand flare jeans on Yoox.  $59 plus shipping!!  Go me!!

Now, I just ran across some J Brand skinny jeans I like a LOT on Singer22 (they are still having a great sale with clearance items up to 90% off) and also a great pair of 7FAM Roxanne skinny jeans.  Grrr for needing to do the right thing! haha

I will just pass the next few weeks with blogging about great finds and take my mind off my denim withdrawal.  Happy Hump Day, everyone!

~ R