Friday, January 1, 2010

Buckle jeans are addicting!

...  Well, it's true!!

I thought I could go in that store and get just 1 pair of jeans and that they would not compare to my AE (American Eagle) jeans, which had been my favorites for YEARS.  This was a year ago now, and I must sadly admit, I am hooked.  I must have 25+ pair of Buckle jeans (Big Star mostly, MEK, Miss Me, Rock Revival, Antique Rivet, 7FAM, and some BKE Jeans (Sabrina and Culture) ).   I don't usually even wear my AE jeans anymore.  I do still wear my Aeropostale Bayla Skinnies, but I only have 2 pairs of those.  I am totally hooked on buying my jeans at Buckle (and Nordstrom, too, but mostly Buckle)! 

So I am penning this blog mostly as a direct result of hearing so many girls on my WLS message boards posting that they want to buy a PAIR of jeans from Buckle.  Haha...  That's how it started for me, too, and I hope they realize it probably won't stop at just. 1. pair.   Just sayin'...

I love, love, love my Buckle jeans!