Friday, January 8, 2010

Denim Review: Big Star Maddie Jeans

I just LOVE Big Star Maddie jeans from Buckle.  It's the only store I've ever found the Maddie jeans at, but they have a wonderful selection of them.  Big Star Maddies were the first pair of jeans I ever bought from Buckle and were the jeans that got me really started on the designer denim.  After I got them, I was admittedly hooked!

Maddie jeans have a little over an 8" rise (mid-rise jeans) making them not so revealing for those of us who don't want to show all our assets in every pair we own.  They are slightly more eased through the hips and thighs for those of us who have curves so you might want to size down from the more slim fit jeans if you are used to those.  I am normally a 28L, 29L, sometimes a 30L in designer denim, but I need a 27L in most of the Maddie jeans.  They are definitely a more relaxed fit, without looking baggy on you.  The price of the Maddie jeans are expensive if you are not used to paying designer prices, but not expensive compared to many designer lines.  They start around $94 and go up to around $112.  You will want to try each pair on as they can all fit different, even though they are the same brand.

I probably have 7 or 8 pairs of Maddie jeans and I wouldn't mind having a few more.  I have recently noticed a black pair I'd love to have.  They have a style and color for everyone, from flares to bootcut to skinnies.  I highly recommend them for all my girls!