Sunday, August 17, 2008

My "Ideal Weight"

5'6" tall female adult~

Your ideal weight is between 114.9 and 154.6 pounds.

If you're active and in good health, it doesn't hurt to be a little outside these ranges. Also, weight alone doesn't give the whole picture -- you need to consider if a lot of your weight comes from fat or from muscle. A woman's ideal body fat percentage is between 21 and 35, depending on her age (it's okay to have a little more fat if you're older). If you don't know yours, you can have it checked at a gym or sports medicine clinic, or try our calculator.

Our ideal weight ranges are derived from standard tables of body mass index (BMI), a score you get by factoring your weight and height. According to government guidelines, an ideal BMI is between 18.5 and 24.9, and this range is the same for men and women. To find out your actual BMI or learn more about BMI ranges, try our BMI calculator.

The fine print
Our ideal weight ranges assume you're an adult with an average build and activity level, and are based on standard BMI ranges. These ranges aren't relevant for children, pregnant women, very muscular people, or professional athletes.