Thursday, August 28, 2008

Finding the Right Jeans for Your Body

In the old days, blue jeans came in one style. But modern blue jeans are more than just the standard denim pant. There are so many options - color, rise, cut - that you might have to try on ten, twenty or thirty pairs before finding one that works for your body shape.

However, you can short-cut the process a bit by knowing which jeans are likely to look best on your body. Here's a simple guide:

Are you short?
If possible, choose a petite length jean so you don't need to get them hemmed. A cuff at the bottom will only make you look shorter. And, depending on your body type, you may want to avoid the boot cut jean. Not only are they harder to hem, they can make your legs appear shorter. Try straight leg jeans for a longer, leaner appearance.
Tip: Wear pointy-toed shoes with your jeans to make your legs seem longer.

Are you bottom heavy?
Avoid any major decoration on the back pockets of your jeans, like excessive stitching, buttons or little flaps. They'll just draw attention to your rearview. The same is true about any type of fading or bleaching. A white or light area on your backside will only spotlight what you're trying to hide! Smaller pockets are your best bet.
Tip: Balance a wider midsection with boot leg jeans.

Are you tall?
Lucky you! You can wear many different styles of jeans, although you may have problems finding an inseam that fits. Fortunately, jean companies seem to be adding extra length to their clothing these days. If there's a brand that never worked for you in the past, you may want to give them another try.
Tip: If you must get your jeans tailored, take them to a professional.

Do you have wide hips?
A boot cut jean will balance your body, making you appear slimmer overall. You can also wear flare leg jeans with success. To minimize your hips, avoid excessive pockets. Look for chop pockets in the front instead of the standard hip pocket, which can add bulk to that part of your body.
Tip: Too tight jeans will only make you look pear-shaped. Look for ones that skim without constricting.

Do you have a small bottom?
We aren't all blessed with Jessica Simpson's "Dukes of Hazzard" booty! If you want to create a rounder bottom, look for jeans with some embellishment on the backside. Flap pockets or bright stitching is a good choice.
Tip: You may be able to wear jeans without pockets if they fit snugly.

The most important part of finding the right jeans: Try them on! Just because they appear to fit doesn't mean they'll work for your body. Try on many different styles and brands of jeans until you find a pair that makes you look your best.