Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Lonnngggg overdue update =)

Hey y'all...

So I have been terrible about updating since right before the Black Friday excursion.  I must say, it was a really successful shopping day, but it just didn't compare the bustle of shopping in Austin, San Antonio, Dallas, or even Oklahoma City.  I miss fighting those big city crowds (and better stores, of course haha). 

I have not been getting quite as many outfits lately with the holiday season here, but I have gotten a couple.  I've also finally tackled the boots dilemma x 3.  Yeah!  I got Black UGG tall 5815 boots ($75 on eBay, new in box from reputable seller!).  I got Zigi Girl Sarah Boots in a Tan Leather.  They are tall boot with zippers all over them.  And then, I got these short little BKE Sole Muse Boots in Grey Leather.  They are a little short cowboy boot with rhinestone accents... SUPER cute!

I'm hoping to get some new outfits in DFW (Dallas/Ft Worth)~ Most likely at Nordstrom~ before we go out to California in March.  That's the goal of the immediate future since I am almost positive I gots the boots thing covered now. =D